A freshly brewed ensemble using only the finest old beans!

Freshly Ground combines the talent and experience of some of the South West’s best known folk singers, who’ve come together to sing traditional English  songs in glorious harmony.

With arrangements written by the choir’s instigator Issy Emeney, the songs evolve in the creative hands of all the choir members.  But Freshly Ground never lose sight of the fact that the song itself is what matters most.

There is nothing quite like them on the folk scene today.

Photography by Garfield Kennedy

L to R in the back - Gaynor Hughes, Linda Van Eyken, Sue Cook, Tim Brine, Sandy Ball, David Emeney, Vicky Wiggins, Sue Franklin

On the sofa - Graham Ball, Issy Emeney, Bernard Coulter.

The Reddleman

I. Emeney

The Quakers Wife

Trad/Arr: I. Emeney

The Last Tommy

I. Emeney

John Barleycorn

Trad/Arr: I. Emeney

NEW CD  THE GOOD RED EARTH OUT NOW FROM WILD GOOSE RECORDS.  To order contact Issy at  issy@emeney.com

“It’s gone straight into the Sartin family top ten favourites!”  Bonny Sartin

“An album that’s right on the boil!” FATEA

A collection of eleven powerful and distinctive voices, each being allowed full freedom of expression. The effect is outstanding, allowing them to fully capture the essence of traditional music in a highly entertaining manner.

This album is a joy from beginning to end, with much to teach lovers of acapella singing”

Folk Monthly